This is Before Robert Baratheon's Rebellion, where we recreating the story and journey itself where Robert Baratheon never becomes king.

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    Darla Windborn's Journal

    Darla Windborn
    Darla Windborn

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    Darla Windborn's Journal  Empty Darla Windborn's Journal

    Post by Darla Windborn on Fri Jan 20, 2017 9:19 am

    November 18, 277

    It's three months before birth of another beginning, few weeks ago I came a cross of odd rock that turned out be dragon's egg but by name of the Gods I woken it. I named it Slyvena and my family knows of her, as my friend previously covers today about my friendly little young dragon. My life will never be the same as never will hers be, we don't know why I'm would be given such task upon dragon.

    It's not quite how I picture myself becoming of woman, I am soon to be sixteen and didn't picture dragon out of all places a Northern woman waking such creatures. It's so odd and unknown how the little one found itself upon our home but only clue is the creature been hidden buried near our rivers for very long time enough for me to one day discover.

    I wish my family well, if I were go to King's Landing somehow get into that castle about book history of dragons I would know more about Slyvena and who hidden a dragon's egg in the north long ago. As there must be secret no one else knows about and not even king of seven realms himself. It's not allow picture myself traveling little before I turn sixteen, if I have my dearest friend come along with me I shall not feel alone in such journey.
    Darla Windborn
    Darla Windborn

    Posts : 30
    Join date : 2017-01-14

    Darla Windborn's Journal  Empty Re: Darla Windborn's Journal

    Post by Darla Windborn on Sun Feb 05, 2017 8:59 pm

    November  31st

    We traveled days after getting supplies from Winterfell, I seen our Lord Rickard the very time thankfully why while we were there no one discovered Slyvena and I met a young man named Gaven Embershard long the way when we came cross bandits before going get our supplies. He seems very trusting and still surprise about us three protecting a dragon together who seems love snow with all her heart.  It's best Lord Rickard doesn't know he said my father came here with my mother to  prove he worthy becoming her husband by her mother's  father working under the Lord Rickard over three months to prove himself worthy to become Northern man how he was good huntsman.

    It's nice to know my father's history told me by another, my father done amazing things he gave up everything over love and seen things dark in pass he never talks about but my father never spoken of his family only that after grandfather who raised him died  he was an orphan causing troubling stealing food from castle where one day gotten caught but the King pity him since he was no other then a boy near his son's age.

    The King knew his wife wouldn't want child harmed and he was just boy who lost everything but given life there in that very  castle grew up becoming King's guard and loyal friend to King Aerys who was during that time just prince who gotten trouble  with him as children I wonder curious how he's  today called the Mad king by people frighten about him.

    Besides ourselves still this very day heading to King's Landing. I had very a dream of woman with pretty black hair like gentle dire wolf dark fur rare beauty and beautiful green eyes. I stood there as she couldn't see me while she sung a song to her unborn child while watched from the window with her soft pale hands on her stomach. I remember the very words as well...

    When I was  young and scare of world, my mother would sing me a song...

    A tune that I keep in sacred in place because I know my life won't be long...

    It tells of place that you go, where time here on earth through..

    A beautiful place called heaven..

    Is it true?

    Please name of gods, I pray that it's true.

    'Cause once this land was heaven on earth, green hills all you can see...

    But now it's soot and steel and brick, so it looks more like hell to me....

    And each is more and more suffering, each day is silence and fear...

    And I wake to the sound of your voice but your not here...

    Why aren't you here?

    So now I lay down to sleep and pray the lord my soul keep, please let die before my wake so my lord of gods my soul, can take...

    Then I'll finally find you...

    'Midst the beauty of paradise...

    And you'll sing not about dying but living, wouldn't be nice?...

    Wouldn't that be nice?

    There was man in there with her who but so blurry to see, he asked her while sung a sad song as said it was a lullaby her mother sung to her since they were people from worse lands nothing but sadness and how it was very last moment her while she was dying that she sung it to her the one last time. After that I woken up but didn't spoken about my dream to Keira, it was to odd and strange feeling so to even speak of.

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