This is Before Robert Baratheon's Rebellion, where we recreating the story and journey itself where Robert Baratheon never becomes king.

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    House Frost Empty House Frost

    Post by sub_rosa on Sat Jan 21, 2017 1:16 pm

    Household/Family Name: Frost
    Castle Name: Frostmere Keep
    Castle Design:
    House Frost Castle-With-Cloud-HD-Wallpaper
    Region: The North
    House Sigil:
    House Frost Dark_brotherhood__skyrim____assassin_s_creed_by_evilwarrior37-d6rsgos

    Capital City

    Name: Northpeak
    Describe it: Northpeak is landlocked, with mountains to the west and valleys to the east. Further North are lands granted to the men of the Night’s Watch, and the Kingsroad leading south. The main stock and trade of House Frost is war; specifically speaking, any and all animals bred for war. Soldiers from this house are staunch infantrymen and berserkers, glad to fight and die in the name of service to their Lord, Overlord, or the Crown. In times of peace the House exports fine fur, crafting supplies made from the byproducts of slain animals, and smelted iron. The uninitiated to Northpeak’s finer side would call these people savages or barbarians due to their constant preparedness for war. The people of Northpeak call that assumption ignorance.

    Founding Era: Age of Heroes
    Founder: Erik Frost, the Snow King
    Notable Ancestors:
    - Gunthar Frost, “the One-Eyed Bear”; Son of Erik II “The Cruel”
    Lost his eye in a battle with a now-extinct mountain tribe, securing more land for his people.

    - Vidar, “the Frozenborn”
    Born during a blizzard; is said to have had a fiery heart that burned brightly for his people, but turned colder than ice in the face of his enemies.

    - Caderyn, “the Snow Wraith”
    The first member of the Frost family to focus on stealth instead of brute strength. Used the snow and white war paint as camouflage in battles fought in the North.

    - Drustan, “Blood-Drinker”, Son of Caderyn
    Tyrannical warlord of House Frost that was known for drinking the blood of his enemies.

    - Erik IV, “the Crimson”
    Ascended to Lordship at the age of nine, and ruled for twenty years before meeting a mysterious and unexplained death.

    - Alaric, “the Benevolent”
    A Lord more focused on the welfare of his people than on conquest; the third of such Lords at this point in the history of House Frost.

    - Urien, “the True”
    Another benevolent Lord. He spent his rule undoing policies put in place by his tyrant father, Lord Alyn.

    - Cenric, “the Lion”; Son of Urien “the True”
    Continued where his father left off, ruling honorably. Once on the battlefield he was one of the most violent warriors from his House fighting for the Crown.

    - Duncan, “IronBlood”, Son of Cenric
    A strong Lord and a clever tactician, it is rumored that Lord Duncan was slowly poisoned by his second-born son, Donnor… who years later openly attempted to murder his brother, Godrik, but failed. Grandfather of Richard Frost.

    Open Characters

    I invite anyone who would like to play a relative of Richard’s to pick a family member from the list below. If you want to play a living relative that isn’t on the list, message me and we’ll discuss.

    Berena Frost – Stepmother
    Requirements :: Evil step mother archetype, but loves her own daughter (Kyra). Particularly despises Richard.

    Donnor Frost – Uncle
    Requirements :: Sentenced to The Wall in 259 AC for trying to murder his brother, Godrik. No man, woman, or child of House Frost will publicly admit he is their kin.

    Aregelle Frost – Aunt
    Requirements :: Assumes the equivalent role of a Knight Commander, training the military force at Northpeak with all the ferocity of a snow bear. Unmarried, no children.

    Bartimus Frost – Uncle
    Requirements :: Richard’s favorite of the living Frost elders, for he is not as hard as Aunt Aregelle nor as cold as Godrik.

    Meliana – Sister
    Requirements :: 31 years old. Married off, with two children – Lyanna and Cregan. Spouse open.

    Jorelle – Sister
    Requirements :: 29 years old. Married off, with two children – Arrana and Alyn. Spouse open.

    Leona – Sister
    Requirements :: 24 years old. Married off, with two children – Harwin and Jyana. Spouse open.

    Bessa – Sister
    Requirements :: 19 years old. Married off, with one child – Chayle. Spouse open.

    Alysanne – Sister
    Requirements :: 14 years old, not yet married. Level-headed and mature for her age; frequently irritated by Richard’s pigheadedness. Has become Richard’s voice of logical reason but knows that she too will eventually be sent away from Frostmere Keep in marriage to a noble house.

    Kyra – Half-sister
    Requirements :: 12 years old, bold and adventurous. Clings to Richard whenever possible, for almost all of her half-sisters have left the Keep in marriage to other Lords.

    - Lyanna (daughter of Meliana)
    - Arrana (daughter of Jorelle)
    - Jyana (daughter of Leona)

    - Cregan (son of Meliana)
    - Alyn (son of Jorelle)
    - Harwin (son of Leona)
    - Chayle (son of Bessa)

    Frost Cousins
    - Must be of Donnor’s or Bartimus’s line. Other than that, open to discussion!

    Bolton Cousins
    - Must be nieces/nephews of Lysara Bolton. Other than that, open to discussion!

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