This is Before Robert Baratheon's Rebellion, where we recreating the story and journey itself where Robert Baratheon never becomes king.

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RPG-D Swords of Speirling

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    Bardon Windborn (WIP)


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    Bardon Windborn (WIP) Empty Bardon Windborn (WIP)

    Post by Bri on Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:27 am

    Bardon Windborn (WIP) Vikings-s3e10-rollo-grin1

    Faceclaimed: Clive Standen

    Name: Bardon Windborn

    Titled Name: Ser Bardon Windborn {Formerly}

    Age: 39

    Personality: Bardon is describe as this man very protective over his children, he loyal to those he follows and care about. He's very fearless and free spirited, Bardon can be stubborn sometimes and his wife claims he has very hot temper when someone gets him angry.

    Bardon is know he had good sense of humor and enjoys making people laugh, he's very good father figure and someone who could lead other troublemakers in good places.

    Birth Place: King's Landing

    House Of:Winborn

    House Sigil: N/A

    Mental Attributes

    Mental: Bardon always highly focus, he been through traumatize experience as young boy which why he doesn't take people attending harm the ones he cares for or loyal companions very easily.

    Physical Skills: He's very high skill master archer and never misses, Bardon was trained by swordsmanship when was a young boy becoming a Kingsguard. They were

    Social Skills:



    Rumors: There's rumors him and King Aerys when they were younger they gotten loads of trouble together, even told about they waited for the old lady servant who watched over the Aerys and his sister fall a sleep than cut loads of half hair off on one side of her head where the poor woman had to cut her hair too short.

    There is rumors they put many frogs on Rhaella's bed while she slept waking up screaming on top her lungs calling out there names knowing they done it.

    Known In Public: It's known he once was a Kingsguard and King Aerys's father let him go to Blackberry Shrine village


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