This is Before Robert Baratheon's Rebellion, where we recreating the story and journey itself where Robert Baratheon never becomes king.

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RPG-D Swords of Speirling

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    Rhaella Targaryen [WIP]

    Rhaella Targaryen

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    Rhaella Targaryen [WIP] Empty Rhaella Targaryen [WIP]

    Post by Rhaella Targaryen on Wed Feb 22, 2017 5:18 pm

    Rhaella Targaryen [WIP] Iw7gs

    Faceclaimed: Annabelle Wallis

    Name: Rhaella Targaryen

    Titled Name: Queen Rhaella Targaryen

    Age: 37

    The younger sister of Aery's was always taught at a young age of her duty. She was the only daughter of her parent's, but instead of being spoiled or doted on, she felt like a huge weight had ben placed on her shoulders, especially when her father announced her marriage to her brother, due to a prophecy from a witch which told that 'the prince that was promised' would be born from Rhaella and Aery's line. As a young girl, she didn't want to upset her parents, brought up to be a good and obedient daughter, so she went along with it, not voicing her qualms out loud.

    On the other hand, Rhaella grew into a perfect Queen, she was fair and eloquent but stern and mature, but is always careful not to upstage her husband. Rhaella is a woman that, when she speaks, her word is final. At the same time, she will hold true to her own word - if she says she will do something, she will do it. She cares deeply for the lands under their rule, but has a particular fondness for children. In her effort to conceive children, she suffered a great many miscarriages and stillborns, which have resulted in a heavy grief ever-present in her voice. She's a lonely woman but tries not to show it, her marriage is unhappy but she dare not take action against it for fear that her children be harmed.

    Birth Place: King's Landing

    House Of: Targaryen

    House Sigil:

    Mental Attributes

    Rhaella is generally a mature person, who's observant and emphatic, almost bordering on being intuitive of people. However, she's able to be incredibly subtle, not letting on to her own feelings, until the very moment she's ready to break under the pressure of them.

    Physical Skills:
    Since she's been brought up a lady, Rhaella lacks the muscle and strength that a man would. Instead, she's slender and rather thin, meaning she doesn't have the best strength, she is  very adept at hand-eye coordination, however, meaning that if she was to give it a go, she'd be a skilled archer.

    Social Skills:
    Despite lacking the natural charm and wit that ladies are supposed to possess, Rhaella has attributes that are much more appreciated by her subjects. She's very blunt, if she has nothing to hide, and has a very dry humour when addressing people. She cares little if people get upset by her remarks, but she's usually able to redeem herself by her more honest nature.


    Rhaella is the grand-daughter of King Aegon V and his wife Betha Blackwood. They died as she birthed her first child, Rhaegar, leaving her mother and father, Jaehaerys and his sister-wife Shaera to ascend to the throne. When her father died, after a mere three years on the throne, her brother took the crown and she was named Queen.

    Rhaella was wise enough to limit the amount of information that could be twisted, taking care to only seem as a decent and reputable monarch. However, her large amount of stillbirths may have certain people believing that they were born bastards or that she was an unable Queen to produce children, if they were superstitious enough.

    Known In Public:
    Generally, she is known to be subservient to her husband, agreeing with him on most things and rarely speaking up. She's also known for her quiet intelligence and sometimes harsh remarks toward people, as well as hr deep love for her children.


    Roleplay Sample
    Place a little story of how you character become who they are here.

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    Rhaella Targaryen [WIP] Empty Re: Rhaella Targaryen [WIP]

    Post by Bri on Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:21 am

    I hope your still interesting roleplaying on site and finish your app, I'll place your faceclaim on the list so nobody takes it.

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