This is Before Robert Baratheon's Rebellion, where we recreating the story and journey itself where Robert Baratheon never becomes king.

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    Cassie's Plots


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    Cassie's Plots Empty Cassie's Plots

    Post by Cassie on Sat Mar 11, 2017 6:21 pm

    Cassie's Plots Tumblr_mpl01pHAxI1rlan0uo3_250
    Elira is a wilding girl from north of the wall, she has recently escaped over the wall with her mother when their clan exiled them for blaming them for their bad luck in recent years. She hope to explore the world south of them. A world she has only ever heard stories about. And hopes to form a new life in the south away from the dangers of the Crows and the other clans that aimed to kill them. She and her mother are currently living on a small village in the Gift.

    Would Know: Limited at the moment to travelers along the road or locals in the village she is currently staying at. Also possible she was spotted by Nights Watchmen before or perhaps other Free Folk that also made it past the Wall that she would recognise.

    Friendly to: It really depends on her mood, she can be friendly with anyone and everyone given that they are reasonable to her.

    Unfriendly to: Like above if she is in a certain mood she can be hostile to anyone as well. Though slavers and lords who think to much of themselves and believe all should bow before them may earn her annoyance the most.

    Looking For:
    -Possibly someone to guide her in the new world, she is very unfamiliar with the customs of the south. She may need someone to pull her back from trouble and doing something stupid. This person doesn't need to be nice to her by any means but happen to not want her causing trouble everywhere she goes.

    Other Facts:
    -She is a warg that wargs into a raven the follows her everywhere.
    -She of course hides the fact that she is a Wilding or she may be executed. Pretends to be a local of a small village in the north.

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    Cassie's Plots Empty Re: Cassie's Plots

    Post by Cassie on Fri Mar 31, 2017 9:48 pm

    Cassie's Plots Tumblr_nq1433mn0k1uv67xio1_500
    Prince Rhaegar Targaryen Heir to the iron throne of Westeros. Though at this point in time he and his father are at odds with each other. Due to his fathers ever growing insanity becoming unpredictable and dangerous to though under his rule. As his insanity makes him see enemies where there are none. Rhaegar believes his father may no longer be able to properly rule the Kingdom in a sound mind and he has plans to take action and remove his father from the throne.

    Would Know: Most Lords and Ladies of the Great houses of Westeros, also those of great wealth in Kingslanding. Also likely thought that work at the Red Keep as well.

    Friendly to: For Appearance sake Rhaegar is civil with pretty much everyone wether he likes you or not.

    Unfriendly to: He can stern when it comes to his responsibilities as prince, he doesn't let himself be pushed around and will push back anyone who tries. So he can be less then cambid to those pushing their boundaries.

    Looking For: People to play Some of the High Lords of Westeros so the fall of King Aerys can begin. Rhaegar also may need a wife in the future opened to plots on that. Other opened characters are Arthur Dane, Rhaegar's best friend. And Possible castle servants that are also Rhaegar's attendants.

    Other Facts:
    -Rhaegar has the ability to see certains futures, with restrictions can only do so in very spiritual areas and while in a trance playing his harp and looking into a fire at night.


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    Cassie's Plots Empty Re: Cassie's Plots

    Post by Cassie on Sun Apr 09, 2017 9:32 pm

    Wanted Character

    Rhaegars Attendant/servant: Name is opened

    Faceclaim: Opened

    Information about the Character
    -Should be a boy around 15 or 16 years old, from a simple family that managed to get a job in the castle.
    -Rhaegar is kind to the boy, treats him more as a younger brother then he does as a servant. Though he is still expected to do his duties.

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    Cassie's Plots Empty Re: Cassie's Plots

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