This is Before Robert Baratheon's Rebellion, where we recreating the story and journey itself where Robert Baratheon never becomes king.

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    Sub's Plots Empty Sub's Plots

    Post by sub_rosa on Wed Apr 05, 2017 6:12 pm

    Sub's Plots Tomfelton
    Richard is the lordling heir of House Frost, though takes even greater pride in his maternal Bolton heritage. Simply put he is a snob, and he thrives on the drama and tension his reputation causes upon walking amongst the smallfolk of his father’s holdings. Richard can be impressed by bold actions, displays of great strength or courage, cleverness, and ambition... but usually two outcomes are possible: either he’ll want you for a friend, or he’ll mark you as his rival. At present, Richard is riding south to attend the tournament in King’s Landing.

    Would Know: Most Lords and Ladies of the North, maybe some noble families further south (likely a mix of genuinely knowing some of them, and only knowing the names/reputations of others), those of considerable wealth in Northpeak, and likely the various servants and retainers residing in Frostmere Keep.

    Friendly to: Friendliest towards family (other than his father, stepmother, and plotted family rivals/enemies) and those of equal or higher socio-political status than himself. Those beneath that status that he is friendly to are limited... and have likely done much to gain that amount of favor. Has some respect for certain Night’s Watchmen because Northpeak is one of the first major settlements anyone travelling south of the Wall will come across.

    Unfriendly to: Most people below his socio-political status... though a lot of it depends upon his mood at that moment, the way in which he is spoken to, how well and how fast his directions are followed, and whatever his intentions happen to be at the time. He refuses to be pushed around and will push back if he can, or will otherwise rebel in his own way. Those that rebel or openly antagonize Richard intrigue him... but whether for good or bad is difficult to say.

    Looking For:
    - Godrik Frost – note that he is plotted to eventually die at Richard’s hands. Open to plots on how Godrik would thwart Richard’s plans or otherwise make things difficult for him.

    - A personal guard, servant, or unarmed attendant (and at times voice of reason) for Richard to become best friends with would be welcome. They can be related somehow, or not at all.

    - Richard’s father is constantly trying to find him a wife; open to plots on that.

    - Other open characters related to Richard, and open to plots, can be found at the bottom of this post – Click here!

    *     *     *     *     *     *     *

    Sub's Plots Peter-Pan-once-upon-a-time-peter-pan-robbie-kay-37377006-1000-1500
    Gaven is a young man of the North, the product of lust a thief had for a married seamstress. A fire took the people closest to Gaven, and instead of waiting to be put in an orphanage the youth ran to live in the woods, or on the fringe of settlements away from prying eyes. He eventually settled himself in Blackberry Shrine, making a living doing whatever odd jobs he could get his hands on. He is adventurous, independent, and secretive... but he is also inclined to help others whenever possible. Gaven is on his way to King’s Landing with Keira Blackstone and Darla Windborn, on a special mission.

    Would Know: Limited at the moment since he doesn’t like to get too close to people for fear he’ll lose them. He knows most of the archers and scouts in the Blackberry Shrine militia, anyone in Blackberry Shrine or Winterfell that he has done jobs for, and likely recognizes the faces of some merchants and Night’s Watchmen heading further north.

    Friendly to: Although wary of other peoples’ intentions, and largely dependent upon mood, Gaven is friendly enough to those who treat him decently. He can be almost cold to start out with, but can warm up to people and become more playful if given time. He has a soft spot for orphans and other bastard-borns... though it’s doubtful he would admit it right away.

    Unfriendly to: Gaven heavily relies on his observations and instincts when it comes to whether or not he can trust someone. If injured or in a bad mood he can certainly be unfriendly to anyone. He doesn’t much care for slavers, bandits, highwaymen, lords that abuse their power, and smallfolk that try to act like high and mighty lords that think they are better than him.

    Looking For:
    - Possibly someone around Gaven’s age that is bastard-born or orphaned, that he can befriend. Open to plots on where and when they would meet, or have met.

    - Alternatively, someone around Gaven’s age that is or becomes an enemy. Open to plots as to how, when, and where this happens.

    - I’m thinking it might be cool if Gaven’s natural father, Bran Wayfinder, somehow interacts with him. They don’t have to know they are related... or maybe it was Bran that set the fire to the Embershard cottage in Deepwood Motte, and he’s been tailing his son ever since. Open to plots on this if anyone’s interested in playing a thief-type character.

    *     *     *     *     *     *     *

    Sub's Plots Sheriff-of-nottingham-the-sheriff-of-nottingham-25662804-1280-720
    Vorian is a selfish, sneaky, and ambitious Crow of the Night’s Watch. He was born and raised in Seagard, in the Riverlands, and has no love for the snow. Formerly a ranger in the Night’s Watch, he spent much of his time north of the wall. While he enjoys catching his brothers in the act of things they aren’t allowed to do, and more or less blackmailing certain ones for their silence... Vorian also has secrets of his own that he plans to take with him to the grave. He has since taken up reassignment as a wandering crow, and has set out to find new recruits for the Night’s Watch.

    Would Know: Somewhat limited. He would know most of his sworn brothers, for better or for worse, and may have dealings with various merchants that travel that far north or to settlements in The Gift.

    Friendly to: friendly to most... in a chilled sort of way, and at a distance. It’s better if he knows a person... so more or less the other members of the Night’s Watch... and a select few others. He has a soft spot for bastards and orphans, but makes it appear otherwise.

    Unfriendly to: most of his siblings, lazy knights, lords that think too much of themselves and their power, and wildlings that insist on killing him. He is deeply irritated by men who are able to sire children but refuse to be proper fathers.

    Looking For:
    - Possibly someone (or a group of someones) in the Night’s Watch that Vorian can befriend... whether he previously blackmailed this person and they have since become friends, or some other plot strikes your fancy, I’m game.

    - Potentially could use some enemies, too. Maybe people in the Night’s Watch he’s pissed off in some way or other, and they’d like to see him humiliated... or worse. As usual, I’m open to plots.

    - If someone wanted to play his eldest brothers, Warren or Tristifer, there could be some drama there if encountered by Vorian in his travels. Or they could outright visit him at Castle Black at some point for whatever reason. Warren would have taken over their father’s masonry business, while Tristifer owns the family quarries.

    - For less drama and more camaraderie in the family, there are older brothers Lucas and Ryger, or younger brothers Aemon and Harren.

    *     *     *     *     *     *     *

    Sub's Plots C11eb3176759ee755fda10cd414d26b7
    King Aerys the Second is the current ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. He started out as a benevolent and generous monarch, and was determined to be the best king that ever lived. There are many things – hardships and tragedies – that have slowly caused Aerys to descend into madness. The King openly goes against his Hand, and is at increasing odds with his eldest son and heir, Rhaegar. Aerys is presently in the Red Keep and can be found doing the occasional duties required of his lordship... and he has no intention or motivation to leave his home for any reason.

    Would Know: He is most likely to know or interact with most of the Lords and Ladies of the Great Houses of Westeros, individuals of great wealth in his city, the Septons that maintain the Great Sept of Baelor, and most of the members of the Alchemists Guild near to or beyond his own age.

    Friendly to: Aerys used to be friendly to a great many people... or at the very least gave the appearance of civility towards everyone. Nowadays his trust and his patience run short. Outside of his Kingsguard, Master of Whisperers, and a select chosen few, Aerys is not overly friendly as a whole. In times where his madness isn’t as pronounced he will tolerate others, but one wouldn’t go so far to say that he is being genuinely friendly.

    Unfriendly to: These days Aerys is generally hostile to anyone that slights, disobeys, plots against, and/or betrays him... and what constitutes any of that is subject to the King’s interpretation and the King’s whim. If he thinks someone is against him there is little anyone can do to change his mind.

    Looking For:
    - Aerys desperately needs his Master of Whisperers.

    - Aerys is also looking for an alchemist he can do business with in secret.

    - Eventually, Aerys will need to arrange a marriage for his son, but he is picky as to what he wants for his heir. Preferably Valyrian, and definitely of higher status than a mere Lady of even one of the Great Houses. The nobility are little more than wealthy servants in Aerys’ eyes.

    - Possibly looking for someone – squire, attendant, or other castle servant – whose loyalty is only to Aerys. They will be responsible for a variety of the King’s needs... some of which may be questionable or downright daft.

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