This is Before Robert Baratheon's Rebellion, where we recreating the story and journey itself where Robert Baratheon never becomes king.

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    Breaking the Silence


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    Breaking the Silence Empty Breaking the Silence

    Post by Elira on Sat Apr 01, 2017 1:45 pm

    The day was cloudy and cold, the land still blanketed white with snow. A lone black raven sore through the air, its screeching call broke the silence that seemed held in the snow. A small village was not far off, no more than a few cottages, a small tavern and a couple trade shops stood in the path.

    It wasn't much but Elira called it home for the moment at least, she and her mother came here to lay low after escaping over the wall, no longer could they call themselves Freefolk . They were passing themselves off as travelers, having recently lost their father and husband they were looking to make a new life here. At least that was what they were telling people.

    She had just came from a morning of hunting, her mother needed furs to sell so she had to hunt for them. She could even sell the meat for a fair price to the tavern owner. Today she had managed to find a few Rabbits and a white fox. Not bad for a few hours of hunting.

    As she walked into village she blinked noticing a man dressed in the black cloak of Night watch. Could the Crows be looking for them? Had they been seen? She swallowed and tired to turn back intending to take a different route to her and mothers cabin. But then..

    "Elira? What meat do you bring to sell today?" said the voice of Moyrin the tavern owner who happened to be clearing snow from the entrance to his establishment. He was a kind man yet perhaps to kind and he had a tendency to ramble about nonsense.

    Elira swallowed a curse and turned to face Moyrin hoping the Crow present paid her no mind.. "Rabbits and a Fox Moyrin.. Not ready yet though we still need to treat them. I shall bring them home and prepare them right away" she said hoping he would let her leave.

    "Of course dear girl, be off with you then" he said with a grin letting her go.

    But then he turned to the Crow in question, " Her and her mother do wondrous work with the hide of animals, Don't waste a thing, they even make decent clothes the keeps the frost out.. Around here it is saying something" he said clearly being a fan of her work.

    Elira glanced at the crow thinking it would be suspicious if she didn't at least say something "We must make living somehow.." she said with a shrug.
    Vorian Brightstone
    Vorian Brightstone

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    Breaking the Silence Empty Re: Breaking the Silence

    Post by Vorian Brightstone on Sun Apr 02, 2017 10:31 am

    Vorian had arrived in the village the night before after a long day’s ride from Castle Black. He had just finished trading a portion of what little the Night’s Watch gave him to trade in place of coin, and was considering spending just a little on a decent, hot meal at the tavern before getting back on the road. He heard the exchange of voices but he wasn’t completely listening until he saw movement from the corner of his eye, and that the tavern owner had turned to speak to him.

    The wandering crow slightly tilted his head to one side. Where had he heard something like that – so eerily similar – once before? “That’s quite a talent, indeed... even Castle Black’s stewards haven’t quite managed it,” Vorian nodded to the tavern owner and glanced at the girl... and for a split second he couldn’t breathe.

    She looked so familiar, yet Vorian didn’t know her. It took every ounce of his strength of will to not blurt out the first name that came to mind. The woman to whom that name belonged would be older now. It couldn’t be her. Could it? Vorian forced himself to dismiss the thoughts and questions in his mind for now; they would only get him in trouble.

    One corner of his mouth hitched itself into a tentative but brief half-smile. “So must we all...” Vorian thought a moment, trying to find a way to satisfy his curiosity one way or another. “What is your usual price for a pair of gloves?”

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    Breaking the Silence Empty Re: Breaking the Silence

    Post by Elira on Sun Apr 30, 2017 7:48 pm

    Elira blinked for a moment as the Crow turned and she saw his face, it was her father. Though they had never met she had seen him on one of her many ventures of spying on the crows. She couldn't ever reveal herself since he was always surrounded by his fellow Crows..

    A small smile slipped on her face, well at least she finally got to meet him.. "Depends what gloves ya want really.. and what you got to offer." she said with a shrug. "My mother usually names the price anyway" she added as she turned around to continued on her way.

    "You can come and have a look at what we have if you like?" she offered with curiosity if he would come with her or not. How would he react if he met her mother again. Her mother had told her the story, that they had fallen in love with each other. Was he still the same? it was a long time ago. Well if he wasn't she was certain she could silence him before he harmed anyone.

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    Breaking the Silence Empty Re: Breaking the Silence

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