This is Before Robert Baratheon's Rebellion, where we recreating the story and journey itself where Robert Baratheon never becomes king.

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    The Dragon's Secrets

    Darla Windborn
    Darla Windborn

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    The Dragon's Secrets  Empty The Dragon's Secrets

    Post by Darla Windborn on Sat Jun 03, 2017 11:35 pm

    It took months to get here but Darla knew it was worth it, as it was summer the festival was going to happen within few days. She end up getting lost through the crowd and lost few friends, she wonder off on her own and woman came man can out of nowhere confusing her with someone else," there you are! You must be new lady in waiting?!" The man grabbed her by wrist and she gasped," w-wait.." He replied," now child, you must not be overwhelmed I been waiting for you show up. Come along now!" She end up getting smuggled right into castle by this man she didn't even knew and gotten her into kitchen then said," now then, get to work the prince must have meal done before dark the cook shall be here in bit to help you."

    Darla blinked a few times and just nodded, as she was excited over one thing she was now inside the castle because some servant man mistaken her for someone else.Her eyes widen Silvena crept out the casket and running along,Darla begin trying chase after her dragon and knew it someone seen Silvena herself would be in a big situation she found Silvena on dining hall basically eat all the meat and break from table. She end up chasing little thing again, Silvena lead straight towards a chamber but thankfully the guards were guarding the hallway elsewhere.

    She discovered inside the chamber was awfully young little boy, Silvena end up licking him and making him laugh. As she purred while nuzzling the little boy with her head, violet pretty eyes and white hair no doubt was one of King's children. She placed her fingers on her lips," sh, well aren't you an adorable fellow. Do like my friend?" He nodded and hugged Silvena was such tiny little dragon so smaller than that little Targaryen Prince. She still was small dragon and slowly growing, only grew 3 inches as Silvena tail got little longer.

    The little boy let out yawn and rubbed his weary tired eyes, she slowly walked up towards him and asked," are sleepy?" He looked so tired as picked him up and decided put him to bed, he fell straight a sleep and picked up Silvena hidden her cover up in other blanket that was placed on a table while trying seek out before someone comes here to notice the situation.

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