This is Before Robert Baratheon's Rebellion, where we recreating the story and journey itself where Robert Baratheon never becomes king.

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    The Aldune Household


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    The Aldune Household Empty The Aldune Household

    Post by Rome on Tue May 16, 2017 8:49 am


    House Moto?: A Man is better alive than Dead..

    Household/Family Name: Aldune
    Castle Name: The Kings Hold
    Castle Design:
    The Aldune Household Lightstock_42412_medium_christ_hold_fast
    Region: The household is settled in the region of Storm, settled on a island east of mistwood.
    House Sigil: A red hill, with a sun above it, around the sun are twelve X's, the hill in the center has a diamond like shape colored in gold.

    Founding Era:  Undin Aldune:
    A Cruel ruler and the ancestor of all the Aldunes, the making of the Kings hold was harsh and cost multiple slavers life, however the hold fast was never his initial plan.He stumbled upon the island that held The Kings Hold after a night of drinking and lust.His mind set on fame, he would have heirs but his greatest accomplishment was gathering smallfolk into a a group upon the island, the group filled with exiled fighters who went just a little too far.After the year of 99 the building of The Kings Hold began.
    Elias Aldune:
    A Noble man and brave, he had to care for his drunken father for most of his life, after his fathers passing in the year of 101 from a construction accident (I.E a large stone blocked squished him). Elias had no choice but to take of the plans his father had already set into motion. Elias was accomplished after the first wall of his kingdom was up, the howls of the wolfs, and roars of the bears couldn't even penetrate the walls Elias had built, still not enough Elias had many sections of the wall movable to make more room for the troops to fire from.
    Notable Ancestors:
    Dunnic Aldune:
    The idiot:
    Dunnic Aldune was nothing more than a whore in the Kings Hold, he made many bastards and is only on this notable ancestry list for holding 5% of the castle due to his offspring.His one insight was building inner passages in the castle, and having all the builders who made them jump off a cliff to their demise, making sure not to push them so it wasn't 'technically' murder.To keep the secret no doubt......He was tall, and stocky, he had short red hair and had freckles upon his face with dark green eyes.

    Capital City
    Name: The Kings Pass
    Population: 200
    Describe it:
    Inside of The Kings Hold is the Kings Pass, a large city dedicated to producing stone, irons, and steel...Their craftsmanship was on par with even the Dwarfs, this being said the capital was also filled with swindlers.They are also very skilled at boat making being set on a island this is a skill that has been honed since the dawn of the house.

    Alundian Steel: Easily shown from other metals this metal is silver with blue ripples covering the blade of the weapon the steel is made out of, the inside of any armor will be blue.

    Aldunian Ships: Aldunes ships are large wooden beasts, the boat are ten meters long, and four meters wide, the sails have the sigil of the house of Aldune. The sails are held in with Aldunian steel, keeping the sails in place, the steel is blue for all to see who will arrive.

    Open Characters

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    The Aldune Household Empty Re: The Aldune Household

    Post by Bri on Thu Jun 08, 2017 2:44 pm

    Don't forget to add open characters it's so someone can rp your family member and add more characters in story. Smile Because the more original characters for original household the better. But if your family are deceased marked them as deceased.

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