This is Before Robert Baratheon's Rebellion, where we recreating the story and journey itself where Robert Baratheon never becomes king.

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RPG-D Swords of Speirling

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    Rome Aldune(WIP)


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    Rome Aldune(WIP) Empty Rome Aldune(WIP)

    Post by Rome on Tue May 16, 2017 9:29 am

    Appearance Here


    Name:Rome Aldune

    Titled Name: 'Rome The First Born' 'Aldune Heir' 'Man Slayer'


    Rome is a battle hardened warrior, so he is rather calm in many situations, while not being afraid of a fight Rome would try to find a peaceful ending to things, but wouldn't mind shoving a sword inside a body or two. He is however very kind to the few he chooses deserves his loyalties, yet he hasn't found anyone so this isnt his goal.Rome Longs to own a hold fast on the grounds of Esso and Westeros

    Birth Place: The Kings Hold

    House Of:

    House Sigil:

    Mental Attributes

    Mental: Rome displays poor focus on anything that isnt fighting, mentally he is always trying to twist the words of people around him, not to cause a fight but getting a reaction.He wouldn't tease anyone he actually liked, but that's to be said since there's nobody in The Kings Pass he likes.

    Physical Skills: Rome is a skilled warrior, some say he learned to wield a spear before he could stand, his body is hardened by the world, and he has master multiple skills through the vast network of slaves that had been transported to The Kings Hold.

    Social Skills: Rome is a social peacock, attempting to get into any conversation whether to listen, speak, or tease Rome never shoots down a chance to get someone going, or just listen in on the local bickering.


    Family: Only child, with his father being the current king, and mother dead from his birth.

    'False Aldune:' A title he bares for not having red hair like his father.

    Known In Public: Rome is a fairly calm person


    Roleplay Sample
    Place a little story of how you character become who they are here.

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