This is Before Robert Baratheon's Rebellion, where we recreating the story and journey itself where Robert Baratheon never becomes king.

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RPG-D Swords of Speirling

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    The Rules


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     The Rules Empty The Rules

    Post by Bri on Mon Jan 09, 2017 11:21 pm

    1. Do not  create  a godlike character who can harm people with lightening powers or something. I am sure Game Of Thrones isn't about Greek gods and stuff.

    2.  Although roleplay is in different time of year it's on the ame month and day of our modern time. If your confused it means if let's say it's the year of 280 in the rp instead of our timezone 2017 it would be Janurary 12, 280.

    3. Do not copy other people's characters, it's like stealing someone art crafting.  

    4. Secondly, don't spam people they have real life stuff to handle like children, work, school and so on.

    5. This roleplay is base of recreating before Robert's  rebellion and meaning Joffrey and others won't even exist.

    6. No bullying others it's not allow, as some might be beginning rpers and writing levels don't matter as long you don't write too short  and describing. Some members on here might be disable as this forum is highly friendly to those who are.

    7. As  game of thrones fan you are allowed to create houses and lands with your creativity! If it's  shared with others people can learn from it. Especially with your characters they don't need be perfect just picture yourself in characters shoes and maybe you'll learn from them to or play your  favorite character or  canon to be in theirs. study

    8. You must be 18 or older to join, since after all Game Of Thrones isn't quiet place for young viewers this roleplay site includes  mature things blood and such. We surely would want younger people joining it would make them very uncomfortable including little kids.

    9. Do NOT roleplay with anything at all involving modern era objects and such, this a medieval fantasy roleplay  and they back then surely didn't have Cell Phones or sending text messages.

    10. If you  have any questions as the me or Cassie  who are  staff members we won't hesitate to help.

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