This is Before Robert Baratheon's Rebellion, where we recreating the story and journey itself where Robert Baratheon never becomes king.

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    Aerys II Targaryen Empty Aerys II Targaryen

    Post by sub_rosa on Sat Jan 21, 2017 12:25 pm

    Aerys II Targaryen David-Rintoul-II-Targaryen-Blood_LNCIMA20160530_0092_29-387x330
    Faceclaimed: N/A

    Name: Aerys II Targaryen

    Titled Name: King Aerys of the House of Targaryen, the Second of His Name, Lord of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm

    Age: 34

    Personality: Aerys used to be a man of charming and generous nature. He possessed an undeniable charm even though he was not the most intelligent or diligent of kings. A healthy amount of ambition drove him to want to be the greatest king in history that everyone would remember. Like many of those in the upper half of the social-political ladder Aerys also enjoys the lavishness of life – music, song, dancing, social gatherings, and a myriad of beautiful women to choose from.

    Even as a young man there was a potential for madness, albeit hidden under more acceptable faults: vanity, pride, fickle demeanor, becoming easily bored, and quickness of temper. Aerys has also always been a very stubborn man; once his mind is made up there is little one can do to change it... except perhaps in hindsight. As he aged he took on new layers of old, personal demons. His vanity and pride spawned intense jealousy; his changeable attitude writhed into suspicion. Worst of all the former benevolence he had shown to court and country descended into a hellish, sadistic cruelty. Behind it all is a very fearful man, acting and reacting out of those many insecurities.

    Birth Place: King’s Landing

    House Of: Targaryen

    House Sigil: Aerys II Targaryen 72dbabeb7056248219a60b9af848a428


    Mental: Paranoid schizophrenic psychopath with pyromaniac tendencies.

    Physical Skills: Just because many suspect the King of going mad does not mean he is infirm. He was a trained fighter in youth and continues to be so as an adult slowly reaching his advanced years... or so he would have you believe. His strength may have diminished some through the course of eating so little, but that remains to be seen.

    Social Skills: Aerys has a certain charm about him, and once upon a time he was even generous. He has always been quick to excite into temper, but this trait has gotten worse as the years go by. As of the present, Aerys is a man gripped with jealousy and suspicion, prone to fiery outbursts in varying degrees of cruelty.


    ~ Grandfather ~ Aegon V “The Unlikely”; ruled from 233 – 259; fell at the Tragedy of Summer Hall

    ~ Grandmother ~ Betha Blackwood; deceased

    ~ Father ~ Jaehaerys II; ruled from 259 – 262; deceased due to illness

    ~ Aunt-Mother ~ Shaera Targaryen; deceased

    ~ Paternal Uncle ~ Prince Duncan; fell at the Tragedy of Summer Hall
    married Jenny of the Oldstones; no children

    ~ Paternal Uncle ~ Daeron; fell in battle against the Rat, the Hawk, and the Pig
    unmarried; no children

    ~ Paternal Aunt ~ Rhaelle
    married Ormund Baratheon; son Steffon Baratheon

    ~ Sister-Wife ~ Rhaella

    ~ Sons ~
    Heir: Rhaegar; born during the Tragedy of Summer Hall, 259 AC
    Daeron; born 269 AC; deceased at 6 months of age
    Aegon; born 272 AC; deceased at approximately 1 year of age
    Jaehaerys; born 274 AC; deceased later the same year
    Viserys; born 276 AC

    ~ Daughter ~ Shaena; stillborn, 267 AC

    1. Many believe that the King has gone mad. (Not entirely unfounded...)
    2. Some say that Joanna Lannister was once the King’s mistress.
    3. It is rumored that Lord Tywin is the true power behind King Aerys’s rule, the king being little more than a hollow puppet.
    4. Rhaegar is plotting to overthrow Aerys in order to steal the throne

    Known In Public: Aerys has not left the Red Keep since the Defiance of Duskendale, so he is rarely seen by the public except in granted audiences. Royal rewards are scant, if granted at all, while punishments are met with all swiftness and gravity that can be mustered. It is better, instead, to not excite His Grace with trivial matters... lest you awake the dragon within.

    Aerys was born firstborn son and heir to King Jaehaerys II, the second son of Aegon V, and his sister-wife Queen Shaera Targaryen in 244 AC. He was raised in the Red Keep of King’s Landing, and joined a year or so after by a baby sister, Rhaella. The siblings were anything but the best of friends, having little to no fondness for the other.

    As a youth, Aerys had made fast friends with other children from noble houses. The closest and surest of these was Tywin Lannister, the heir to Casterly Rock, and Aerys’s own cousin, Steffon Baratheon, who was named the heir of Storm’s End. For some time it was nigh impossible to encounter one without the other two.

    Like many a king’s son, Aerys joined the echelons of knighthood as a squire. He had lessons both as a knight and in grooming to become the next king. Although he wasn’t the most intelligent nor diligent of princes, Aerys did carry with him a certain charm. What he couldn’t get through wit he could acquire through looks.

    Where Aerys’s grandfather was against the sibling-marriages of their forefathers, preferring his grandson marry for love instead, his father Jaehaerys insisted upon it. King Jaehaerys had heard of a prophecy of the prince who was promised, and interpreted it to mean that said prince would be born of Aerys and Rhaella’s line. Brother and sister were forced to marry in the centuries-old tradition, though it was an unhappy union.

    In 259, at the palace of Summer Hall, his sister-wife gave birth to their firstborn son and heir. However, the birth was a bittersweet event. Aerys’s grandfather and uncle had been attempting to hatch dragon eggs when the entire palace was set ablaze. Many were killed but amongst the burnt ruins and charred deaths, Rhaella and the infant prince survived. Jaehaerys was next in line for the throne after the horrible tragedy.

    Aerys fought in the War of the Ninepenny Kings. It was after a battle in the Stepstones that he earned his knighthood, choosing to be dubbed by Tywin Lannister. Aerys’s father did not live long enough to see the complete victory or see the Band of Nine’s holdings lost, having died of illness in 262. Prince Aerys Targaryen was crowned king, and his reign began as a peaceful and benevolent one. The realm slowly recovered from the dual tragic events of Summer Hall and the War of the Ninepenny Kings. Aerys was determined to make the realm strong and prosperous again; to be the greatest king there ever was.

    The royal court members kept by Aegon V and Jaehaerys II were replaced, bringing in new and younger blood to fill the roles. Aerys appointed Tywin Lannister as his Hand, having been impressed by the man’s ruthlessness in dealing with rebellion out in the Westerlands. Aerys traveled far and wide, and boasted of the great plans, promises, and schemes he had for his kingdom. Before the next moon, however, these ideas and schemes were either forgotten or abandoned out of boredom.

    In time, when Aerys wasn’t engrossed in the leisures of music, dancing, masked balls, and beautiful women, he came to realize that Tywin was gaining vast amounts of respect with the people; respect that should have been his. Aerys was already jealous of Tywin for wedding Joanna, a woman the King lusted after. This new layer to the already complicated relationship with Tywin only served to make those old wounds continue to fester.

    Aerys’s desire for a large family was constantly met with grief and dismay. While Rhaella turned a blind eye to his seeking out various mistresses, his infidelity did at times cause tensions in their relationship. If it wasn’t the tension of infidelity that stressed his already unhappy marriage, it was the miscarriages. When it wasn’t the miscarriages, it was the stillbirth of his first daughter or the short-lived lives of three sons that followed. Aerys was initially compassionate, sharing in the grief with his sister-wife and doing his best to comfort her during those dark times. Over time, he grew suspicious... perhaps the stillbirths, miscarriages, and dead sons weren’t actually his... the Gods would never stand for a bastard to sit upon the Iron Throne, after all. Aerys accused his wife of being unfaithful to him, and took drastic measures to ensure that she remained faithful to him from then on.

    The King’s relationship with his Hand continued to spiral downward. Aerys frequently disagreed with Tywin, favoring the opposite of any and all suggestions posed by him... even if Tywin’s idea was ultimately better. The King became aware of rumors spreading amongst the people that Tywin was the true ruler of the realm, and not Aerys, and was irate to hear such things. He even went so far as to cut out the tongue of any who uttered that rumor within earshot. Aerys strove to disprove these stories and put Tywin “in his place” through any means possible or necessary.

    With the birth of Prince Jaehaerys III, Aerys started to go back to his old familiar self. The madness faded, and some measure of happiness was brought to him. When the child passed some time later same year, Aerys sunk into a dark rage. He executed the child’s wetnurse, then changed his mind and blamed his mistress and ordered her and her entire family to be tortured before their eventual execution. All of the woman’s family members confessed to murdering the prince, though none of their confessions were the same. Once the deed was done, Aerys once again changed his mind. He fasted for a fortnight, made a walk of repentance to the Great Sept of Baelor, and prayed. When he returned to the Red Keep he announced that he would be faithful to his wife and marital vows, and from then on held no interest in all other women.

    Two years later, Aerys and Rhaella were blessed with the birth of another son, Viserys. After everything Aerys and Rhaella had been through, the king greeted this new addition to the family with no small amount of trepidation. He feared the boy would suffer the same fate as his lost brothers. Although Viserys was a healthy enough boy, Aerys insisted that no one was to be left alone with him – not even the boy’s own mother. Viserys was kept under guard at all hours of the day and night; gifts brought for the new babe were burned at Aerys’s demand, to prevent suffering from curses and sorceries. Aerys even insisted that his appointed food taster ensure that Viserys would not be poisoned.

    Lord Tywin staged a tourney to celebrate Viserys’s birth at Lannisport. His motives for doing so were unknown to Aerys; perhaps an attempt to reconcile their differences, or maybe the man wanted something. It soon became apparent to Aerys that it was the latter, when Tywin proposed a marriage between his daughter, Cersei, and Rhaegar. Aerys was affronted, ever fearful that the people might still believe Tywin to be his puppet master, and refused the proposal on the basis that Cersei was unfit to marry royal blood. A chilly air descended upon the tourney and its abrupt end, followed by Aerys’s departure for home.

    The tactic of enacting the opposite of Lord Tywin’s suggestions took a fateful turn for the worse in 277 AC. Lord Denys Darklyn of Duskendale desired independence for his lands, similar to that which had been granted to Dorne. Lord Tywin immediately refused the proposal. It was no secret by virtue of court intrigue that there was a rift between the King and his Hand, so Lord Darklyn preyed upon this by withholding his payments to the crown and invited Aerys to come and discuss the proposal instead. Aerys was going to decline the invitation... right up until the moment that Tywin advised him to refuse with the strongest means possible. Aerys was determined that this problem could be solved without Tywin, and set out to deal with the matter personally. A small armed escort led by a single Kingsuard traveled with him to Duskendale, only for the whole ordeal to be a trap waiting for the King. Many of those in his escort were killed before Aerys himself was taken prisoner. Denys Darklyn threatened to kill the King if he didn’t get what he wanted, and the Defiance of Duskendale lasted for six long, torturous months.

    Aerys knew little of what went on outside the walls of his captors, but he could imagine much. Surely Tywin knew he would do the opposite... that pattern was years in the making now. Surely Tywin knew that Aerys wanted to prove himself capable... why not then advise him to be such in the way that was best effective? Unless Tywin tired of him and wanted Rhaegar on the throne... Unless Rhaegar wanted the throne for himself and sought out Tywin’s assistance... Unless both Tywin and Rhaegar were conspiring against him together... Aerys had much time to mull this over in his captivity.

    The King had long since lost count of the days he’d been imprisoned, threatened with death, and beaten. All he knew was that at long last he was rescued by Ser Barristan Selmy, one of his Kingsguard. Once returned to the Red Keep Aerys learned of the plans for his rescue or lack thereof, and felt his long-concerned fears were now officially justified. Tywin had been about to storm the walls of Duskendale; had Ser Barristan Selmy not come to Aerys’s aid when he had, Lord Darklyn would have surely killed him the moment the siege began.

    The retribution of King Aerys II upon Lord Denys Darklyn was both swift and severe. Torture of the most extreme duration and eventual death by being burnt alive was called for every single member of House Darklyn and House Hollard, who had sided with them. The singular exception to this was young Dontos Hollard, and only then at Ser Barristan Selmy’s urging.

    With the matter of the Defiance put to rest, King Aerys had a whole host of other problems. To his mind there was conspiracy everywhere. Regardless of where he looked there was treachery and betrayal. It was best, even safer, perhaps, to stay in the Red Keep; not to venture out. He still had to find his heir a suitable wife, and so sent Steffon Baratheon across the Narrow Sea as a liaison in search of a proper woman with Valyrian blood. It occurred to Aerys that perhaps Steffon, his own cousin, would make a more loyal Hand than Tywin. But Steffon never returned. Aerys could only conclude that his heir, Tywin, even both, or someone else, must have sabotaged the ship.

    The amount of people Aerys felt he could trust varied day by day, but always decreasing in number. He wasn’t even sure he could trust the people he trusted. Constant was his questioning into the loyalty of those around him, as was the suspicious response to their answers. From the smallfolk to his Queen, Aerys trusted no one and stood alone in the great fear of who... of how... and when.

    Violet eyes caressed the open throne room, on the ever-vigilant lookout for anyone or anything that even vaguely looked suspicious. He had asked one of his servants to fetch an alchemist from the Guild, and put two of his Kingsguard at watch. Two more were guarding the throne room. Aerys Targaryen, the Second of His Name, wished he could have spared more... but doing so would put little Viserys at risk. No. That just wasn’t possible.

    He crossed the hall to the Iron Throne and eased himself into the chair. Surely his servant would be back any time now... assuming they didn’t betray him and ran to his enemies. It was a calculated risk he had to take. Aerys refused to let the treachery continue unchecked. A voice spoke to him from his left; Aerys turned his head to listen, thinking perhaps his Master of Whisperers or the Grand Maester had joined him without his knowing.

    No one was there.

    “They are sworn to protect me; to betray that oath would mean their corpses rotting in the seven Hells... I tell them to do a thing, and they do it; it’s as simple as that. So simple...” Aerys muttered.

    The King started when a second voice spoke up at his right. When he turned to reprimand the individual for sneaking up on him there was once again nothing but air. “Think you can sneak up on me... I’ll find you. I’ll find the treachery against me... snuff it out. Put my son, and Tywin, and everyone else with the balls to defy me to heel and be done with this nasty business.”

    Doors from the main hall to the throne room opened slightly. Aerys heard their echo and once more startled; this time nicking himself on one of the many swords used to fashion the Iron Throne. “My King,” said one of the Kingsguard, “The Acolyte Oswyn of the Alchemist’s Guild has arrived to speak with you.” Aerys nodded, and watched as the unknown figure was led into the Throne Room.

    The king shot a fierce glare to his right. “No! I will not speak of this anymore right now!” Aerys hissed at the nothingness with as much discretion as he could muster. Even though his Kingsguard knew good and well the distance he required, Aerys put up a hand for the Acolyte to halt his approach. “I had hoped to speak with one of the Wisdoms,” said the king.

    Acolyte Oswyn swallowed. “None were available at the time of your summons, Your Grace.”

    “’None were available’?! Do you mean to tell me not a single Wisdom from the Guild had neither time nor prudence to answer a royal summons from their King?” snarled Aerys.

    The Acolyte, very much yet still a young man, flinched at this accusation. “No, Your Grace.”

    “Then tell me. Why did the Guild decide to send you,” Aerys pointed a long finger at Oswyn, “instead of a full-fledged member of the Order?”

    Oswyn lowered his gaze to the stone floor. “I received the summons from Your Grace, and believed even a lowly acolyte such as myself might provide a worthy service. The Wisdoms knew not of your summons.”

    Aerys sent a wide-eyed glance to his Kingsguard. He wasn’t sure if he could trust those words. Apparently even they did not know what to make of it; why would they? The King had sent a lowly servant, not a Kingsguard, to fetch an alchemist. Aerys decided the servant would pay for their ignorance tomorrow. “I have a task for your Order, acolyte. A task of the utmost importance and secrecy.”

    The acolyte lifted his gaze. “Yes, Your Grace?”

    Aerys shifted his weight in his seat. “I require the Guild to craft the substance for me,” he said. Purple eyes glanced to each and every door in or out of the throne room to make sure he wouldn’t be overheard, then lowered his voice to a whisper, “Wildfire!”

    Oswyn swallowed so loud that the King could hear the sound. “W-wildfire, Your Grace? But... Whatever for? We are not at war...”

    “You question me?!” shrieked Aerys. The king stood up, the better to look down upon the lowly acolyte. “Look around you, boy! Treachery – betrayal! It is everywhere! My enemies plot to unseat me while you waste my time with pointless questions! Be it enough that I order the Guild to begin making the substance I require, immediately!”

    “Y-Yes, Your Grace. Very well. I will impress upon the Wisdoms the urgency of your orders.”

    The King slowly calmed, and seated himself once again upon the Iron Throne. “Good. You may go now.”

    Oswyn bowed. “As you wish, Your Grace.” The young man turned and started to make his way out of the throne room.

    Aerys tilted his head to the left, then glanced at the departing alchemist. “Acolyte Oswyn.”

    The young alchemist paused and turned to face the King again. “Yes, Your Grace?”

    Aerys set his purple gaze upon the acolyte. “I will require a demonstration of the substance when it is ready.”

    Oswyn nodded. “Of course, My Lord. We shall demonstrate all of its uses; on water, seeped into cloth or leather... even how to coat steel with it.”

    Aerys scowled at the alchemist. “I require a demonstration of the substance’s effect on flesh. Fail me, and I will have you burnt alive. Am I understood?”

    Oswyn blinked in shock at the ominous tone in the King’s voice. “Y-Yes, Your Grace. I will not fail you; I promise.” The alchemist had all he could do not run back to the Guild as fast as his legs could carry him.

    “Should burn him for his insolence, anyway...” Aerys muttered. “Betray me or conspire against me... wake the dragon... get burnt alive. That’s how it should be. That’s how it will be. All in due time.”

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